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Where Is Gold Headed? Here Are The Cold, Hard Charts…

Frank Holmes

The gold market is at its lowest point in 5 years. Right now, an ounce trades hands at $1,084. Naturally, gold bugs and bears alike have been giving plenty of speculation as to where gold is headed. I’ve seen downside calls as low as $350 per ounce and upside predictions above $2,000. Today, Frank Holmes gives a critical look on the gold market. Including a few indications that the Midas metal is a bargain…

En Garde! Dueling Fed Members

Chuck Butler

Chuck Butler predicts the thoughts of Lockhart and Powell -two dueling fed members- concerning whether or not we'll see a rate hike in September...

It’s Time to “Cut the Cord” for a 20% Gain

Greg Guenthner

It’s all about Disney’s cable business. Management blames “cord cutters” for its woes. People are getting rid of cable. And ESPN is a big part of the problem. The sports network is subsidiary of Disney, and ESPN’S subscriptions are tanking.

New Tick Disease on the Rise

Stephen Petranek

There’s a new tick disease that seems to be spreading throughout the northeastern states and it may become prominent everywhere before long. Stephen Petranek has more on the newly discovered disease, and symptoms you should be on the lookout for.